City of Justice, Jerusalem

Since early civilization, the history of the courthouse and the city intertwine. The courthouse has always been an important urban artifact, both in Roman cities and in the Jewish tradition. This is also the case with the New Courthouse in Jerusalem.

The Courthouse is composed of 2 main parts: the plinth – containing the communal public functions, and the different courthouse buildings stemming from it.

The plinth forms a continuous façade to the street and creates a sense of transparency. It contains the main entrance and the communal public functions (secretaries of the different courts, library, cafeteria etc) and integrates the courthouse into the city.

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The courthouses are articulated as separated buildings growing from the plinth, corresponding to the brief that called for such a division. Each court has its own identity, while still being part of the whole, the city of justice. The division also allows the project to be executed in phases.

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STUDIOPEZ and Zarhy Architects



Architecture Team: Eedo Zigelboim, Guy Kerem, Eliana Oliveira, Marcos Brugarolas, Alma Kishon and Daniel Katz, Noa Rapoport (Competition) | Facade: xmade | Images: Aron Lorincz Ateliers

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