The Helmsley Science Building in Tel Hai College, Galilee

The Helmsley Science Building is an elegant composition of three overlapping volumes. The northern and southern volumes house flexible and modular open-space laboratories, while the central volume functions as a connector, containing the vertical circulation, communal functions, and social spaces. Sustainability formed an important part of the design, with a focus on creating a compact, efficient insulated envelope in which openings were carefully carved, while protected from heat and sun gain using a dynamic shading system.

The building is a unique synergetic hub between academia and industry partners in the Galilee region, promoting interaction and creativity among life science researchers and students who benefit from a shared working environment that takes advantage of the natural surroundings. It serves as a home to researchers whose innovative work in biotechnology and health is integrated into their academic teaching at the College, as well as students who can pursue their research projects throughout their studies.

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STUDIOPEZ + Zarhy Architects


Architecture Team: Noa Rapoport and Danielle Alon (Project architect), Nitzan Zilberman (Competition) | Landscape: Miller-Blum | Project Management: Keidan | Engineering Plumbing, HVAC: Weisberg | Engineering Electricity: Wishahi | Lab planner: U.B. Doron | Accessibility: Efrat Fluk | Photograpy: Mikalela Burstow

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